Blasting System

Aluminium Oxide, Glass Beads, Graded Glass Metal Abrasives, Plastic Abrasives, Garnet, Cut Wire, Copper Slag, Silicon Carbide, Shot, Grit, Walnut Shell Corn Cob, Ball, Media Compound, Machine, Accessory Shot Blast, Polishing Machine, Blasting Machine, Paint Room, Media & Abrasives

สายพานทราย Abrasive Belt

For general use on all kind of surface. Good quality very   economically product.

ผ้าทรายและกระดาษทรายกลม (Disc)

     ผลิตจากกระดาษทราย-ผ้าทราย เพื่อให้ใช้ได้กับเครื่องเจียร มีความคงทนใน

      การใช้งานมีให้เลือกทั้ง 3 แบบ ทั้งแบบ

                - หลังสักหลาด Velcro Disc      

                - หลังกาว PSA Disc

                 - Qulck Change





 Quick change socAtt System 

       Features an all - metal attachment on the holder pad and disc to ensure a safe, secure, e fit. Change discs by simply twisting to unlock the disc from the holder pad.  Socatt style is the most popular attachment system in the world.

Quick Change Lockit System

       Features a common nylon threaded male (screw type) hub. Easily mounts to either  A Lockit or Roioc holder pad with a half trm. Stays secunely in place for the lfe of the disc.

Quick Change ClickOn System

       Features a snap-on/smap-off nylon fastening hub. Allows for quick  disc changes whin  working on mild contours, as well as flat surfaces. Mounts to either a ClickOn or Power- Lock Type I holder pad.


แผ่นจานรอง Holder Pads

       - Soft grade - Fine finishing and contouring.

       - Menium grade - General purpose work.

       - Firm grade - Heavy stock removal.



ผ้าทรายม้วน Roll

Debuming, cleaning, and pollshing metal surface by hand. Used  as a small sheet of abraslve cloth. U sed on a tuming part or on a split mandrel. Anecessity in all machine and maintenance shops.

Flap Disc Arrow Disc

High Quality Flap Disc made from high qquality abrasive and high  standard technology assembling. It is aggressive, good cutting, and  flexible as well as long service life.


 Mandrel Mount Flap Wheel

       Applications requiring high stock removal. Provides maximum   stabillty and smaller contact areas on work surface. Highest. Initial   cut rate blending, finishing and cleaning on inside and outside diameters of ferrous and non-ferrous materiais. Deburring Stainless  Steel disc. Removing flash and paring line.


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