Blasting System

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     Applications requiring high stock removal. Provides   maximum stabillry and smaller contact areas on work  surface. High initial cut rate. Blending. Finishing and cleaning  on inside and outside diameters of ferrous and non-ferrous materiais. Deburring Stainless Steel dise. Removing flash and parting line

Power Adrasive Wheels


          Manulactured by our patented techmique, the NF wheel is an abrasive wheel with excellent adherence to work surfaces   Conventional flap wheels grind objects to be ground by  their surfaces with blades. Our NF wheel have braided impeller blade tip, eliminating hitting them on Irregular flapping movements of the blades. The NF wheel is characterized by its Adherence to work surfaces and is best suited for middle finishing   Addition of solid abrasives can prevent scattering about ofabrasive powder,  which is retained between blades.



Available 4" -12" Dia. 20 mm. - 2" Thickness. Grit 40 - 600

*Special size upin request



SS Wheel

         The SS wheel is a buffing wheel for universal use, easy to handle. This type of buffing wheel has been a popular abrasive. We offer a wide variety of SS wheels, depending on different uses and purposes. For example, when work surfaces are uneven or have slow curves, we can provide SS wheels having soft impeller blades to grind corners or narrow ditches, we suggest SS wheels with thin and hard blades. We select optimun materials to obtain optimum grinding results for every customers: satisfaction


SF Wheel

          The SF wheel is a buffing wheel we have developed with an inncvative idea: namely to press soft abrasive cloth hard on work surfaces with high pressure. We have also proved that conventional idea that soft abrasive cloth  lacks in polishing quality is unfounded by rolling up soft abrasive cloth and  making it sturdy. The sturdy but flexible abrasive cloth can maintain applied  pressure for maximum polishing effects. At the same time, softness of the  cloth prevents excessive polishing of work surfaces. The SF wheel is highly  reputed as suitable for groundwork polishing prior to plating and mirrorfinishing of stainless steel cocking pans.


NS Wheel

       The NS wheel is a windmill type buffing wheel Given a mild umbrella-shaped  curve, this wheel is especially suited for burr removal from pipe ends. By using  two wheel, facing   opposite directions, the NS wheel can also be applied for heavy  duty grinding. Appropriate adherence to work surfaces and air-cooling effects of the wheel prevent over- heating during grinding. We recommend our customers to use the NS wheel for heavy duty  grinding under a lower press than it for GF wheel.

GF Wheel

          The GF wheel is an ultra-high-density grinding wheel manulactured by our  patented technique

          Unlike conventional flap wheels that grind work surfaces by hitting with blades. Our GF wheel grinds it by rubbing. As aresult, a much higher grinding ratio is obtained compared with that obtained by flap wheels. The GF wheel is highly evaluated as an ideal  abrasive for special alloy known as a difficult materila to grind. In order to gain maximum grinding results with the GF wheel, highly intensified pressure should be applied on the work

          If a drawing of an object to be ground is provided, we can trim the outer periphery of the wheel so as to produce an optimum  wheel for grinding it. Athough general-purpose GF wheels are made exclusively for wet grinding, we have also developed A new type for dry grinding


ML Belt

          The ML belt is a multiple-layer abrasive belt. Sith bladed of abrasive cloth inserted into the base material of the belt. The life of this belt is 20 to 40 time   longer than that of conventional sbrasive belts. Whil cutting and polishing quality of conventional abrasive belts quickly deteriorates, the ML belt keeps polishing quality and surface roghness for a longer period of time.  This sbrasive tool is particularly effective for removing protruded part, including welding beads andburrs, which conventional abrasive  belts have been unable to properly remove.


          The WIDMAX is a large-size flap wheel manufaclured by our newly developed iechnique, taking into consideration safety and industrial waste disposal.

          Large-size flap wheel width of 200 millimeters or more are difficult to  manufacture, and multiple reinforcements are necessary. The new technique we have developed to solve these problems is to fasten abrasive cloth around the wheel. This has allowed us to eliminate reinforcing metal  tools from the wheel. Moverments of abades are more flexible than those of conventional flap wheels Grinding qquality and adherence to work surfaces have also been greatly enhanced.



ACCESSORIES     MODEL NO   PBM-50/100   PBM-300   PBM-600/800
Threaded Coupling   1/2" (0633-004/A) 1-1/4" (0633-007/D) 1-1/4" (0633-007/D)
Mois ture Separator   3/4" (0022-005) 1-1/4" (0022-007) 1-1/2" (0022-008)
Metering Valve - B 1/2" Ballvalve (0643-004) 1" Ballvalve (0643-006) 1-1/4" Ballvalve (0643-007)
  - S 1/2" Sandvalve (0083-041) 1-1/4" Sandvalve (0083-042) 1-1/4" Ballvalve (0083-042)
Machine Screen   10" (0012-110) 16" (0012-116) 24" (0012-124)
Machine Cover   10" (0012-010) 16" (0012-016) 24" (0012-024)
Hose Coupling   1/2" (0042-004/A) 1" (0042-039/D) 1-1/4" (0042-048/D)
Nozzle Holder   1/2" Fine (0052-527) 1" Wide (0052-639) 1-1/4" Wide (0052-648)
Blast Hose   1/2" I.D. X 10m (0032-241) 1" I.D. X 20m (0032-262) 1-14" I.D. X 20m (0032-272)
Blast Nozzle   Ø 6.3 x 45mm (0052-004) Ø 8.0 x 145mm (0052-125) Ø 9.5 x 170mm (0052-126)
Breathing Air-Filter With Carrying Handle and One Outlet (0112-061) unless specified
Air-Feb-Helmet Aluminium complete with blouse (0112-003) /OPTIONAL : Air Feb Helmet
Breathing Air Hose 20m 3/8" I.D. PVC (0702-003) or 3/8" I.D. Rubber (0702-103)



Pneumatic or electric-pneumatic system can be fitted in all leading brands of blast machines without any modifications.


1-1/4" Pneumatic remote control system consisting of

0132-031/M Abrasive trap
0132-041/M Inlet valve
0132-033/M Outlet valve
0132-053 Deadman handle
0032-420/C Bi-line hoses
1-1/4" Pilot valve - operated remote control complete with muffler 0132-053 0132-057
Deadman handle or bi-line switch Westech switch


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