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  Simple operation, no chemical hazard, reduced downtime and man-hours. The A.I.M. Dry Suction Blast System is designed with smooth "non-pulsing" media flow with absolute process repeatability control, Compact-the system is built-in with a recovery and reclaim system. Easily transportable, pitless, dust-free, the system is suitable for surface stripping process-derusting, deburring, etching, aesthetic process mould cleaning etc... by using all kinds of granular and inert abrasivers-glassbeads, aluminium oxide, silicon carbide etc...



Blasting Abrasives

    A.I.M. Siam Co.,Ltd. Is one of the largest importer & Available Stock of all kinds of Granular Abrasives. From the finest to the coarse angular or spherical. Imported from well known manufactures, we guarantee that the quality of our supplies would meet your requirement.

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    We stock all kind of Organic Media, Natural minerals and Manufactured Abrasives. Such as Corn-Cob, Walnut Shell, Plastic Abrasives, Glass beads, White/Brown aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, Ceramic beads & All type of Metal Abrasives Serving multi-national companies requiring surface finishing process, we cater needs to the following industries : Aerospace, Shipbuilding, refineries, pipelines, wires, automotive, construction, electronics, food processing, jewelleries, die-casters and the my more...

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