Mass Finishing System

Vibratory Finishing Machine vailable in bowl volumes ranging from 30 to 1000 litres. The bowls are rubber or polyurethane lined for durability. Parts, media and compound are placed in the machine for processing. In the forward mode, the machine runs counter-clockwise and parts are processed.

Steel Shot


        Steel Shot is manufactured from scrap  steel through a well controlled casting  process. Various additived are added to  ensure a consistent quality produuct.  Steel Grit is produced through crushing  of steel shot and is subsequently heat   treated-tempered to three different hard-ness to cater for various applications.


        Steel Shot and Grit are used for preparing  surfaces, cleaning the toughest forging,etching mill rolls, brightening finished,shot peening aircraft parts to increase fatigue strength, reduce wear and friction  and to relieve stress and special surface  finishes. The grits are also designed for  granite cutting.



ขนาด Type สำหรับงานคลายเครียด For Peening งานพ่นทรายทั่วไป For Blasting งานพ่นทรายพิเศษ For Special Blasting
ชนิด code TSP TSH TSS
การใช้งาน งานคลายเครียดของสปริง และชิ้นส่วน การนำทรายออกจากเหล็กหรือ ทำความสะอาดผิวนอกของโลหะหล่อ
Appilcation ของเครื่องจักร เหล็กหล่อและการขัดคราบงาน Surface-cleaning of non-famous
  Peening of springs and machine ที่ผ่านขบวนการขึ้นรูปร้อน castings
  parts Sand remove of iron of steel  
    caslings and descaling of  
ความแข็งค่าเฉลี่ย 90% 420 - 540 HV 0.5 350 - 470 HV 0.5 280 - 400 HV 0.5
Hardness (42.7 - 51.8 HRC) (35.5 - 46.9 HRC) (27.1 - 40.8 HRC)



ขนาด Type สำหรับงานกัดเซาะ For Etching สำหรับงานขัดคราบ For Descaling สำหรับงานทำความสะอาด For Cleaning
ชนิด code TGE TGD TGC
ความแข็งค่าเฉลี่ย 90% 770 -950 HV 1.0 570 - 700 HV 1.0 400 - 520 HV 0.5
Hardenss (63.0 - 68.0 HRC) (53.6 - 60.2 HRC) (39.8 - 49.8 HRC)
การใช้งาน กัด millrolls การเตรียมผิวงานสำหรับ การชัดทรายและขัดคราบของ การขัดคราบของขบวนการขึ้นรูปร้อน
Appilcation การเคลือบและพ่นสี,การทำเงาบางๆ โลหะหรือเหล็กหล่อและขัดคราบ และงานที่ผ่านขบวนการทางความร้อน
  ของโลหะและการตัดหินแกรนิต ของขบวนการงานขึ้นรูปร้อน Descaling of forgings, hest-treated
  Etching or millrolls,surface Sand removal and descaling articles or steel plates and surface
  preparation for coating or plating, of iron or steel castings,and treatment of resin.
  satin finishing of metals,and sescaling of forgings or heat-  
  stone cutting. treatea articles  


Rosler Rotary Vibrators set new standards

Successful mass finishing applications are usually the result of a combination of creative process technology   and innovative equipment engineering. This approach is reflected in the varied line of Rosler rotary vibrators  with their enhanced performance characteristics. They combine Rosler's high equipment quality and  reliability standards with a functional design. In addition, they are easy to operate and provide  a high degree of productivity.

A technology that saves cost!

Rotary vibrators - Technical details

      Rotary vibrators made by Rosler Our highly efficient and flexible machine sysems offer virtually  unlimited finishing solutions. And our engineers and process technology experts are continuously working on further technical improvements. Convincing technology

1 Work bowl
   All our process bowls undergo heat treatment after welding for stress relied.
      ► Process water supply connections
      ► Large access doors for easy adjustment of imbalance weights
      ► Many process bowl variations for easy customization of the equipment
2 Integrated separation unit
   The machine types EC, Euro, Euro-HS, Euro-KP, Long Radius and  Long Radius-KP are equipped with intermal separation. The vibration caused the media and finished parts to move across the separation screen. The media falls through the screen openings back into the work bowl, while the finished part are moved to the machine exit.
     ► Separation flap or hand insertable separation gate - for the Euro, EC and Lr range
     ► The robust separation flap is activated by an external pneumatic cylinder (Euro range, optional for EC models)
     ► Vibration-resistant screen mounts (wedges)
     ► Spray rinse system over separation screen (optional) 2a Screening of undersized media
     ► Undersize screen segment: Optional in EC, Euro, Euro-HS and LR range
3 Wear resistant lining of work bowl
   Rosler manufactures its own wear-resistant linings. Prior to lining  the inside of the work bowl is shot blasted for better adherence of the wear linings. The following optional linings are available:
      ► Molded polyurethane
      ► Sprayed polyurethane
      ► Glued-in rubber or polyurethane sheets4 Media unload plug  Double function: Media removal from the work bowl and main drain  for the effluent from the work bowl. Can be cleaned from the outside  
      ► Optional: Removal of undersize mediahe equipment e vibration eparation screen. work bowl, he Euro, EC and Lr range eumatic cylinder
5 Bottom drains in the work bowl  For special mass finishing processes like Keramo-Finish ®  Isotropic Superfinish (ISF/REM ® process), ball burnishing and pickling, we recommend the use of extra bottom drains in addition to the main drain (media unload plug).
6 Stable bowl suspension
      ► Machine base and the special coil springsain drain  he outside  arrangement ensure a high degree of stability without limiting the vibratory movement
      ► Easy access to the lower imbalance weightso-Finish ® , burnishing  ottom drains

7 Special vibratory driver system The Direct Drive vibratory motor has been specifically dev for the Roesler rotary vibrators. This powerful and rob system provides ample capacity for the transfer of th vibratory energy to the work bowl. The proven double motor fituring system guarantees a vibration resistan of the vibratory motor onto the inner dome of the wo The motor bearings can be lubricated with an automa lubrication system. This guarantees a high bearing lif  

       ► 2 Standard motor speeds: 1500 and 1000 rpm at 5 (1800 and 1200 rpm at 60 Hz) Option:
       ► Variable speed control by frquency inverter: Providards. Their functional  kmanship guarantee  y powder coatings and  ppearance as well as  rs are available.  otor has been specifically developed brators. This powerful and robust drive capacity for the transfer of the work bowl. The proven double-flange  uarantees a vibration resistant mounten nto the inner dome of the work bowl. be lubricated with an automatic guarantees a high bearing life. eds: 1500 and 1000 rpm at 50 Hz by frquency inverter: Provides more g and separation stages

8 Setting of the imbalance weights The two basic upper and lower imbalance weights are securely fastened to the motor shaft. The offset angle can be easily set with the help of a shaft mounted disc indicating various angles. Depending on the required vibratory performance, additional imbalance weight plates can be easily added. 

9 Electrical control Relay controls or a PLC (optional) allow the central control of all machine functions. 

10 Process water supply 
        ► Separate flow controls for fresh water and compound supply
        ► Process water recycling systems optional  Extras:
        ► Circular spray bar for even distribution  of the process liquid in the work bowl  
        ► Spray-rinse above the screening area
        ► Flow control for water and compound  High Speed systems  "High Speed" rotary vibrators porduce an  up to 50 % higher grinding performance.  Depending on the parts to be treated and the required grinding results they represent a real alternative to standard rotary vibrators. Available in the Euro-, A- and R-range as fully automatic double or triple batch systems.


Longevity and high quality
       Rosler rotary vibrators are setting high technological standards. Their functional  desing, the use of high-quality materials and excellent workmanship guarantee a long service life and low maintenance costs. High quality powder coatings and industrial grade paints guarantee a long-term attractive appearance as well as corrosion protection. Upon request special paints and colors are available.


Rotary vibrators - EC range

"EC"... Rotary Vibrators
        Due totheir specially designed process  channel, rotary vibrators, type EC, are truly general purpose machined: The relatively shallow incline of the process channel in the EC machines allows the processing and esparation  of small as well as large parts. EC machines are also ideally suited for finishing of delicate parts.

        ► Shallow incline of the processing channel
        ► Manually insertable separation gate or pneumatically activated separation flap (option)
        ► large-surface and easy to change separation screens (screen change does not require any tools)
        ► Rosler double-flange vibratory motor with 2 speeds (1500 and 1000 rpm at 50 Hz); easy and safe lubrication of the bearings
        ► Adjustable imbalance weights allow different grinding intensities
        ► Wear resistant lining made from hot poured polyurethane
        ► Media unload plug with integrated effluent drain
        ► Flexible design of control panels and compound dosing systems Extras:
        ► Variable speed of vibratory motor
        ► Extra bootom drains

        ► Undersize media classification: Integrated into media unload plug or separate segment on separation screen
        ► Noise protection equipmentrpm at 50 Hz);

Technical details:
Operator-assisted separation of media from parts: Due to their shope, size or frogility, certain parts cannot be automatically separated from the The monually inserted and easy to handle separation gate allows such gentle separation. Of c pneumatically activated separation flops are also available (R 320 EC and bigger)

Type:     R 125 EC R 220 EC R 320 EC R 420 EC R 620 EC R 780 EC
Process bowl                
Total volume     125 220 320 420 620 780
External diameter max. mm A 910 1200 1280 1520 1695 1805
Process bowl width mm B 210 260 290 355 430 430
Overall length of processing channel mm C 1970 2630 2780 3300 3450 3820
Machine height mm D 1105 1115 1210 1240 1235 1260
Unload height mm E 890 890 990 1010 985 1010
Height media unload plug mm F 660 640 650 675 600 575
Hot PUR thickness in work bowl bottom mm   10 16 16 16 20 25
Length x width mm   710 x 210 980 x 260 1025 x 300 1260 x 360 1315 x 430 1430 x 430
Area cm2   1600 2600 3500 4600 5800 6400
Type     Slide-in-gate Slide-in-gate Slide-in-gate, Slide-in-gate, Slide-in-gate, Slide-in-gate,
          option: pneuma- optional: pneuma- optional: pneuma- optional: pneuma-
          tically activated tically activated tically activated tically activated
          separation flap separation flap separation flap separation flap
Drive power                
Speed (at 50 Hz)* RPM   1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Commected load kW   0.75 3 3 3 7,5 7,5
Media unload plug Ø mm   105 105 105 180 180 180

*Standard speed 1500 and 1000 RPM Variable speed with frequency inverter


Rotary vibrators - Euro range

Automatic separation:
     The spiral bottom process channel and the pneumatically activated separation flap facilitate automatic separation of media and parts.

     ► Rinsing of the separation flap Gate clearing By reversing the rotational direction of the vibratory motor and subsequent sliding of the imbalance weights by around 190 degrees, the parts/media mass is moving backwards and clears the ramp area of  media and parts. This allows the separation flap to move into position without "catching" any media or parts.

"Euro" ... HS high

speed vibrators
Work bowl
    ► madewith specially treated steel 
    ► Special gusseting


for extra strength
    ► Segmented separation screen
    ► Wear resistant, double-thick lining  made from hot poured polyurethane


Machine base
    ► Re-enforced welding fabrication


Drive system:
    ► Special high performance Rosler  vibratory motor Power
    ► Amplitude up to app. 10 mm
    ► Variable motor speed*
    ► Central lubrication  *especially useful during the separation process

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