Mass Finishing System

Vibratory Finishing Machine vailable in bowl volumes ranging from 30 to 1000 litres. The bowls are rubber or polyurethane lined for durability. Parts, media and compound are placed in the machine for processing. In the forward mode, the machine runs counter-clockwise and parts are processed.

Electrical controls and compond dosing

Electrical controls

Rotary vibrators can be used as manual stand-alone or fully automatic, linked systems. The electrical must reflect the complexity of the different finishing systems. For simple systems Rosler is using the well proven relay panels, while for more complex systems PLC controls are a must. These panels control all system functions including the compound and water dosing.

Control panel E1:

► Practical, easy-to-understand relay panel for stand-alone rotary vibrators

► Timer for the finishing process

► Can be expanded to include compound dosing and process water recycling


Control panel E2: 

► Basic relay control panel for stand-alone rotary vibrators

► Buttons and signal lamps

► Timer for auto-start and processing time

► Can be expanded to include compound dosing and process water recycling


► Variable speed of vibratory motor



Control panel E3:

► For Keramo-Finish® process

► Variable speed of vibratory motor

► Expansion modules available for additional system functions


Control panel E9:

► Automatic process control with PLC S7 200 (OP TD 200)

► Variable speed of vibratory motor

► Can be expandded to include compound dosing and process water recycling


Compound dosing

A steady process water supply is a pre-condition for high quality finishing results. Since process water recycling systems offer ecological and economical advantager, they are proferred over fresh water supply systems.

Compound dosing for fresh water operation:


Direct installation at the control panel E1 for stand-alone machines


General purpose dosing unit


Dosing unit for recycling operration:

Dosing unit for recycling liquids cintaining solid fines.


D1K without  flow motor , D2K with flow motor


Parts cleaning Spraying and rinsing units

Spraying and rinsing units clean the parts during and arter the vibratory finishing process. Special controls and dosing units permit the activation of the spray/rinse units for each


Rinse station - above separation area , Circalar rinse station in the work bowl



Noise protection equipment

      Noise abatement helps create an environmentally friendly working environment In vibratory finishing, the size and operationg intensity of the machine as well as the type and size of media and parts determine the noise level of the finishing process. Without any protective measures, the noise level can vary between 75 and 140 dB(A), mostly between 80 and 95 dB(A).

G =  manual operation / cushioned be an air-filled shock absorber. For machines from size 420 upward, we recommend pneumatic operation.

Noise enclosing lid:

The noise generated by the finishing process can be reduced by a tilting sound enclosing lid.

Type:         SDD 125 G SDD 220 G SDD 260 G SDD 320 G SDD 420 G  
External diameter max. mm A 1130 1410 1500 1570 1740 Stale: 04/09
Max. height *, open mm B 2600 3000 3100 310 3500
Max. width mm C 1520 1760 1810 1840 2100
Height lid mm E 250 280 280 280 300
              * Height of max. opening angle = 70*      


Type:         SDD 320 P SDD 420 P SDD 620 P SDD 780 P SDD 1050 P SDD 1500P  
External diameter max. mm A 1570 1740 1940 2050 2050 2400 Stale: 04/09
Max. height *, open mm B 3100 3550 3600 3750 3750 4250
Max. width mm C 2200 2400 2610 2660 2660 3000
Height lid mm E 280 300 300 300 300 300
                * Height of max. opening angle = 70*      

P = pneumatically operated noise enclosing lid

Splash guard package:

Recommended for ball burnishing applications: The splash guard cover, control, prevents the uncontrolled splashing of processing liqquid when foam is produced as part of the finishing process.

The total noise protection package:

Noise protection cover and noise protection apron provide the perfect noise protection, especially in cramped conditions. Noise emissions of fully encapsulated machines - depending on operation conditions - can be reduced to < 80 dB(A)

Noise protection cabin:

This is the perfect solution for interlinked vibratory finishing systems with integrated parts loading and post-treatment units. The walk-in noise protection cabins provide easy access for cleaning, maintenance and inspection. Thickness of the cabin modules: 40 mm or 60 mm. Reduction of the noise level down to < 75 dB(A)

Special Vibratory Systems

RVH rotary vibrators for wood Processing The RVH range of vibratory vibrators has been specifically designed for surface finishing of wooden components.


► De-burring, radiusing

► Etching, bleaching, application of paint or wax

Features and accessories:

► Channel screen in work bowl

► Special drive with speed control

► Paint package with heating fan

► Multiple, easy to change work bowl inserts

► Dust extraction

► PUR triangular wedge profile

► Bottom unload or screen separation

Available sizes in the R…, EC and Euro range:

► RVH 320

► RVH 420


Rotary vibrators with bottom unload plug Total discharge after "part-on-part" processing or for external separation.


Rotary vibrators with special work bowl lining


Vibratory finishing without part-no-part contact - Rotary vibrators with dividers ("paddle wheel" system)


The "paddle wheel" divides the work bowl into individual segments or chambers. Each chamber can contain one part. This prevents damage due to part-on part contact.

Vibratory finishing without part-on-part contact -  Rotary vibrators without inner dome in the work bowl:

The components are either mounted to the work bowl or are "free floation" in the media mass:

► Large components: Single piece processing

► Small components: In groups, attached to special part fixtures

Technical details:

► Work bowl without inner dome; with integrated parts clamping device

► Re-enforced vibratory drive

► Bottom drains

► Rinse bar


► Reversing imbalance weights

► variable speed of vibratory motor

Available sizes:

► R 220 DL

► R 260 DL

► R 320 DL

► R 420 DL

► FBA 24 (for finishing of Al wheels)


► Aeerospace: Blisks, vanes, stators, engine casings

► Bearing industry: Large bearing races, gears, pump wheels, impellers

► Tool & Die industry: Tools for injection molding and die-castion

► Automotive wheels: Aluminum wheels for cars trucks and motor bikes





Continuous feed rotary vibrators - with parts in-feed chute Parts are continuously fed into the work bowl through a special in-feed chute. This allows the use of the entire length of the process channel with cycle times of 3 - 7 minutes.


► Light de-burring and parts cleaning

► Interlinking with stamping presses, surface grinders or machining centers

► Use as vibratory finishing cells

Available sizes:

► R 620 Euro

► R 780 Euro

► R 1050 Euro

► R 1500 Euro

Fully automatic vibratory finishing

The efficiency of any vibratory finishing operation can be significantly increased by automating its material handling aspect - including parts-loading, -unloading and post-treatment. Roesler offers a complete range of material handling modules which can be configured into fully automatic surface finishing systems.

Examples of automated vibratory finishing systems…

Linear vibratory scren separation combined with rinse station, vibratory drver and rotary storage table for finished parts



Automatic polishing system consisting of multiple vibrators, conveyor belt and vibratory dryer

Parts loading:

Load system movable on rails with integrated vibratory feed hopper Conveyor belt for collecting finished parts and transferring them to a vibatory dryer

System for dual stage vibratory finishing:

Parts are transferred from vibrator 1 to vibrator 2; drying with two vibratory dryers

Loading unit with vibratory feed hopper, magnetic belt separator and hot air belt dryer Loading of raw parts with conveyor belt system; a second system of conveyor belts transports the finished parts to a vibratory dryer 

Removal of finished parts and media from work bowl with pneumatic unload gate; external separation with magnetic drum; drying in vibratory dryer

Parts loading:

vibratory feed hopper. Vibratory washer for finished parts; drying with vibratory dryer linked with pecial vibratory screening unit to remove residual drying media from the finished parts

finding a better way…

When it comes to dealing with surface finishing and preparation problems, Rosler offers the total process solution! Our customers can choose between processing technologies, Vibratory Finishing or Shot Blasting which offer virtually unlimited possibilities. Through extensive processing trials we always find the right finishing solution for our customer' needs. This includes not only the development of a specific finishing process, but also the selection of the right equipment and consumables. Roesler truly offers the total solution to satisfy your surface finishing reqquirements. Our succes in the market proves that our philosophy is right. It is not by accident that our innovative development and our high quality standards have established Rosler as the world's technology and market leader in surface finishing and surface preparation.

In more than 60 countries we support our customers with a closely-knit network of Rosler subsidiaries and sales representatives.

We are the only company in our field that operates test and demonstration centers throughout the world allowing us to run test trials under real production conditions close to our customers. This offers many advantages: Our customers save time and money and, at the same time - through our professional processing trials and advice - they are assured of receiving the best process solutions and products available on the market!.


Worldwide Demonstra- tion and Test Centers

Vibratory finishing and shot blasting test center located at the Rosler headquarters in Untermerzbach:

► More than 95 vibratory finishing and shot blasting systems

► working space: approx. 2,700 square meters (27,000 square ft) Similar test centers are located in the United States, Great Britain, France, the Nether- lands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Austria, South Africa and Brazil.

The Total Process Solution

► The perfect interaction between consumables, equipment and process safety

► Cost-saving automatic finishing systems

► Qualified field service teams guarantee smooth installation and commissioning of your equipment

► Comprehensive training of your operators and maintenance staff

► After-sales service guarantess high uptimes for your equipment

Environmental - Qquality

The consideration of environmental issues in our products and process technologies guarantees antees a high level of product quality and environmental protection. For example, recycling of the process water is a key feature of our mass finishing systems. In this case, the positive effect on the environment is augmented by savings of compound and water of up to 95%. At the same time, a high level of process repeatability and finishing quality is guaranteed.

Team Spirit

Roesler is a team oriented organization where initiative and commitment of each employee play a key role. Continuous training and a cooperative management style combined with lean organizational structures are esential elements of our corporate philosophy. This allows us to create a workplaace environment which attracts talented young people.



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